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Recharging Expenses and VAT

Recharging expenses occurs when you ‘recharge’ your expenses to your customer eg travel fare or hotel bills.Note that recharges are not disbursements. If you are VAT-registered, there are VAT consequences to be aware of when processing recharges. Using three expenses: You were charged £100 + £20 VAT (for perhaps hotel accommodation); You were charged £30 … Continue reading

Charging VAT on Expenses – Disbursements and Recharges

For VAT purposes, Disbursements and Recharges are two ways of treating costs incurred on behalf of customers. DISBURSEMENTS Goods or services paid for on behalf of a customer but RECEIVED AND USED BY THE CUSTOMER can be treated as disbursements for VAT purposes. This essentially means that your role is limited to that of an … Continue reading

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