Automatic Enrolment: Are you on course?


If you are an employer (including those who employ carers and assistants to care for them), you need to read the following:

Automatic enrolment is here so ensure you know what is required of you before your start (staging) date.

12 months before your *staging date, you need to start making preparations such as providing a **point of contact and developing plans, finding out ***who to enrol, checking records and ****choosing a pension scheme.

At your staging date, you will need to automatically enrol staff and *****notify them within 6 weeks.

Up to 5 months after the staging date, the declaration of compliance (registration) must be completed.

What is then left to do is the maintenance of records and ongoing payment and staff eligibility responsibilities. The link at the bottom references the government-produced Essential uide to automatic enrolment.

*Staging date can be found by entering your PAYE reference into the tool at this page.

**Provide HMRC with a point of contact via this page.

***Monthly earnings £481 and below: All members of staff have a right to join a pension scheme. Over £481 up to £833: All members of staff have a right to opt in. £833 and over: Aged 16 – 21 has right to opt in; Aged 22 to state pension age must be auto enrolled; Staff at state pension age to 74 has a right to opt in.

****The Government has set up a pension scheme called the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) but there are other providers. This page has more information on choosing a pension scheme.

*****Template letters useful for notifying staff can be found here.

NOTE it’s against the law to persuade or induce a member of staff to opt out.

The Essential Guide to Automatic Enrolment – flash guide

The Essential Guide to Automatic Enrolment – pdf guide

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