Personal Tax Account

Should you register for a personal tax account with the HMRC?

Yes, you absolutely should!

You can use your personal tax account to:

– check your Income Tax estimate and tax code

– fill in, send and view a personal tax return

– claim a tax refund- check your income from employment in the previous 5 years

– check how much Income Tax you paid in the previous 5 years

– check and manage your tax credits

– check your State Pension

– track tax forms that you’ve submitted online

– check or update your Marriage Allowance

– tell HMRC about a change of name or address

– check or update benefits you get from work, for example company car details and medical insurance

– find your National Insurance number.

If these aren’t good enough reasons, we have a problem.

Should you decide to create one, you will need your Government Gateway credentials.

Click HERE to proceed.

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