Crypto, Ethnicity and Gender

Crypto is everywhere but the problem encountered when trying to persuade certain people to get into it is real.

Women have always lagged behind in financial matters; however, when crypto burst through, I felt it gave everyone a fresh start – a level playing field – but alas, not so. There appeared to be something about crypto that made a lot of women recoil.

I want to bring women especially those from ethnic minorities into the fold, and a good thing about my situation is that, as a fellow woman and a financial professional, I’m seen as credible, but the ingrained fear of the volatility and mystery of crypto is still a stumbling block. I wish I could say to some, “Hey, trust me, this is a good thing,” but I can’t make that promise. No one can.

Today, I held a client by the hand as I talked her through setting up an account on CoinMarketCap so that she could maintain a universal portfolio for tax and management purposes. What she really wanted to see was how much I had in mine. “Top secret”, I said. I think she took something away from the ‘free’ session. I hope she did.

Also, today, I showed a friend the upcoming options on CoinList. There were two – Braintrust and Immutable X – that I had registered for. I talked to her about the potential benefits (and pitfalls). She had heard about them but did not understand what they meant. She said she would register when she got home. I didn’t push it. Pushing is viewed with suspicion by many.

I checked on her later in the evening. Did she register? Did she need more help? She said she would like some more help over the weekend with registration. I may be applauding too early but one – one potential conversion – is very good news because as many people know, crypto is everywhere but the problem encountered when trying to persuade certain people to get into it is real.

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